Environmental management

Recuperaciones Font, S.A. consciously assume their responsibility in the management of the environmental system as means to increase their prestige and trust of its customers, defined its environmental policy reflected in the following statement:

The management of Recuperaciones Font, S.A. assumes that the policy of the environmental management system is disseminated, understood, applied and maintained daily by all levels of the organization.

As a waste management company worried about environmental conservation, our environmental policy is based on the principle of prevention and minimization in origin of the possible negative environmental effects, that the general principle of the Font, S.A. recovery policy is:

  1. Search the continuous environmental improvement.
  2. Impose by their own free will, whenever it is viable, more severe restrictions than the applicable environmental rules.
  3. The effort to implement best available technology proven in order to recover the maximum residues that manages, contributing to the conservation of natural resources.
  4. Give to customers and suppliers directions and the right tools to make environmentally correct use and the elimination of waste produced by them and managed by recoveries Font, S.A.
  5. Take into account the concerns of any party related to their activities.

In order to reach our enviromental goals, we establish reviews and monitoring of our environmental management system.

To make easer the communication with our social surroundings of recoveries Font, S.A., politics and environmental objectives as well as the annual environmental report is available to the concerned public.

We consider fundamental to obtain positive results in environmental protection, the training, participation, involvement and sense of responsibility of all staff that integrates Recuperacions Font, S.A., in relation to the environment, which is carried out through training and continued training.

The policy of the environmental management system is documented, revised, approved and communicated to all employees of the company.