About us

Tractament de Subproductes Industrials (TSI) is a division of recoveries Font specialized in the management and stabilization of waste, such as medicines, expired or outside specifications cosmetics, soaps and detergents and sprays and inks.

We are aware of the delicateness and complexity required in this type of waste. We offer comprehensive solutions, always adapted to environmental regulations, to companies so that they entrust to an expert the management of their waste. We put all our capacity and efficiency to offer a serious and professional service, along with our commitment to nature and the maintenance of the environment, lead us to be the essential partner for your company.

In TSI, we take care of the collection and processing of medicines, cosmetics, inks and paints, cleaning products, soaps and detergents and spray autorized by the Waste Agency with the code EE-66.94.


Born in 1991, faced with the detection of a logistic gap in the industrial market, TSI has dedicated over 18 years of history to the stabilization of the waste generated by the chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, always giving priority to the protection of the environment at each of our processes.

Throughout these years, the growing concern by the companies for the preservation of the environment, TSI has been positioned as a leader in the treatment of this type of waste, accumulating a clearly successful history in its sector.

The greatest companies in the industry rely on our direct, agile, safe and effective work.

Think globally, act locally

We believe that the mankind must stay healthy, both by outside and inside, in total harmony with the environment, without the environment suffer no consequence.

In TSI we believe firmly that the health also maintains the nature healthy!