The waste management requires rigorous safety measures that involve a high level of requirements. Aware of this, TSI monitors, step by step, all the work processes to ensure that they operate properly.   TSI just not only treats the chemical substance, its activity also focuses on recovery of containers, packaging, etc… of the products.   TSI offers a serious and safe service in order to preserve the environment and cancel any harmful item treated substances.

These are the values that make TSI:

Safe: our facilities include exceptional security measures to prevent robberies and thefts. We offer customers the chance to witness in person the destruction of waste and also get a certificate of destruction or a graphic report.

Commitment: full commitment of all the staff of TSI in each work. We know that you are worried the more sensitive waste destruction generated by your company. Our goal? Offer exceptional treatment for unique customers

Unique treatment: the team of experts of TSI, with more than 20 years of experience, moves to your facilities to study your case and offers unique solutions adapted to each company needs. You deserve you best service

Professional: rigour, seriousness and professionalism are values that we apply every day in all of our processes.

Discreet: we carry out the treatment and disposal of waste under impassable surveillance measures. Trust us. Your peace of mind is essencial to us.

Ecofriendly: our action is also governed by a personal commitment reflected in the environmental management policy of TSI.

Agile: all TSI processes are carried out by the same company and facilities. This lack of intermediaries allows us to work faster and more agile. The best quality now faster.

Up-to-date: TSI uses the latest technology with the aim of recovering the maximum of managed waste and make a destruction that respects environmental regulations.

Complete: integral management of all kinds of materials (industrial waste and confidential documentation) thanks to the division of Recuperaciones Font.